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    Neon Mode: Building a new Dark UI

    We recently added a darkmode to our website. It's not just white text on a black background though - this one has a few extra tricks up its sleeve. Here's how we built it.

  2. How does a company build customer loyalty?

    In another previous blog post, we explained in more detail why customer loyalty is so crucial for a business. But how does one actually build loyalty with customers?

  3. Why is customer loyalty so important for a company?

    In today's highly competitive business world, it can be challenging to acquire customers and retain them over the long term. To gain an advantage over competitors, it can be helpful to establish a high level of customer loyalty.

  4. Why are newsletters so important?

    In the fast-paced world of online marketing, newsletters have become an essential tool to attract, retain and inform customers.

  5. pylibmc and the dreaded "memcached.h file not found" error

    You are installing pylibmc but it always fails with an error message like "'libmemcached/memcached.h' file not found". Here I'll show you likely causes and how to fix them on macOS and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian)

  6. Shopify Bundle Builder

    SP CONNECT belongs to the international group of companies SP United Holding AG with locations in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, China and the USA. Since the mid-90s, the corporate headquarters have been located in Vienna. Sales, product development, design, technology etc., of all SP brands are united here.

  7. When Homebrew's Postgres Upgrade Fails

    Internally we upgraded our development machines from Postgresql 12 to version 13. Things went sideways because we also use Postgis in a lot of our projects. This is what to do when this happens.

  8. Wagtail Instagram Thumbnail Url Max Length

    Facebook recently started having thumbnail_urls that are longer than the limit enforced by Wagtail (255 characters). In this post we will explore how to work (or "hack") around this limitation.

  9. Wagtail Instagram New oEmbed API

    Facebook recently deprecated the (now) legacy Instagram oEmbed API. This breaks embedding of Instagram posts in Wagtail. Here's how to work around this until the Wagtail Core Team can get to it.

  10. Tack Update May 2020

    Always be improving - Tack lives by that rule. Here's what changed with our extensive update in May. We can now handle thousands of projects, added support for Shortcuts and a bunch of other features!

  11. Adding TikTok Embed Support To Wagtail

    TikTok has already found its way into a lot of people's lives. Now it's time to add it to your Wagtail CMS driven site. Your marketing team will love it and it only takes 3 minutes.

  12. How to do home office work the right way

    Working from home as become the new standard for many in the current situation. That comes with different challenges - one of them is keeping up with your teammates.

  13. Remote Work Challenges: The Missing Context

    Remote teams don't always share a common context when working together - that can cause problems. This is the story of why we built Tack, a Slack app that enables everyone to see what their teammates are up to right now.

  14. Handling specific errors in JavaScript

    This is a story of how trying to catch an error in JavaScript led to destroying the user experience of a signup process. Or: how stackoverflow and minification don't always save the day.

  15. Syncing toggl track time tracking with Slack

    When you're working in a distributed team, it's often hard to keep track of everything that's going on. That's why we've built a tool to help us sync our internal time tracking to slack.

  16. Is System.Text.Json ready for prime-time?

    With the advent of .NET Core 3, there is finally builtin support for JSON, without the need to use the excellent Json.NET. Let's take a quick dive in and see if we should jump ship yet.

  17. Wagtail multi-language and internationalization

    Websites often have an international audience. The process of serving translated content is referred to as "internationalization" or "multi-language" support. Here's how we're approaching that in our web projects using Wagtail.

  18. How to build a language switcher in Wagtail / Django

    A switcher enables users to seamlessly transition between different languages. But how can we achieve this functionality in a Wagtail project? We need a way to link pages together.