1. remote-work.jpg

    Remote Work Challenges: The Missing Context

    Remote teams don't always share a common context when working together - that can cause problems. This is the story of why we built Tack, a Slack app that enables everyone to see what their teammates are up to right now.

  2. How to do home office work the right way

    Working from home as become the new standard for many in the current situation. That comes with different challenges - one of them is keeping up with your teammates.

  3. Handling specific exceptions in JavaScript

    This is a story of how trying to catch an exception in JavaScript led to destroying the user experience of a signup process. Or: how stackoverflow and minification don't always save the day.

  4. story.one - Eine Erfolgsgeschichte

    Wir haben im Februar 2018 mit der Entwicklung von story.one begonnen. Heute, zwei Jahre später, ist es rückblickend sehr beeindruckend wie sich diese Community weiterentwickelt hat.

  5. Create wagtail pages programmatically

    Programmatically creating the Wagtail page tree can save you and your team a lot of time in the long run.

  6. Wie ich ein Codista Teammitglied wurde

    Bald ist mein “Halbjahrestag“ bei Codista und ich kann gar nicht richtig glauben, dass es schon 6 Monate her ist, dass ich hier zu arbeiten begann. Mein Name ist Angela und ich bin das neueste Mitglied im Codista Team!

  7. Toggl Time Tracking mit Slack synchronisieren

    In einem größeren Team ist es oft schwierig, den Überblick über alles zu behalten was vor sich geht. Wir haben ein Tool entwickelt, das uns hilft unsere interne Zeiterfassung mit Slack zu synchronisieren.

  8. Is System.Text.Json in .NET Core 3 ready for prime-time?

    With the advent of .NET Core 3, there is finally builtin support for JSON, without the need to use the excellent Json.NET. Let's take a quick dive in and see if we should jump ship yet.

  9. Wagtail multi-language and internationalization

    Websites often have an international audience. The process of serving translated content is referred to as "internationalization" or "multi-language" support. Here's how we're approaching that in our web projects using Wagtail.

  10. How to build a language switcher in Wagtail / Django

    A switcher enables users to seamlessly transition between different languages. But how can we achieve this functionality in a Wagtail project? We need a way to link pages together.