Codista Team Foto
  • Thomas



    Thomas is managing director of Codista. He ensures that our projects are delivered in the highest quality and on time. He works for our customers as a software developer and in product management.

  • Luis


    Tech Lead

    Luis is many things at Codista. Primarily, he is the tech lead and responsible for the smooth sailing of everything we put onto the internet. It's still not enough responsibility though. He is also the main person to talk to for our most demanding clients. He lives and breathes customer happiness.

  • Max


    Frontend Lead

    With over 10 years experience as a UX designer and web developer, Max is responsible for all of our frontend architecture, design and usability testing of our projects.

  • Paulina


    Project Management & Marketing

    Paulina is Project Management Trainee and is responsible for project management, marketing activities and quality assurance. Her expertise in psychology and customer experience is an ideal focus for working at the interface between project management, marketing and software development. With a lot of creativity and enthusiasm, she contributes new ideas and ensures a pleasant dynamic within the team.

  • Angela


    Copywriting & Quality Assurance

    Angela is responsible for copywriting & quality assurance. Her eye for detail does not miss any inconsistencies or mistakes. Besides her work at Codista, she also studies International Leadership at Lauder Business School.

  • Eren


    Frontend Developer

    Eren is a passionate junior web developer and always up to date with the latest trends. He supports us in the implementation of websites and performance optimisation.

  • Bernhard


    Operations Engineer

    Bernhard is our operations engineer. His focus is on dev-ops, build pipelines, continuous integration and setting up backup processes.

  • Hannah


    Backend Developer

    Hannah is our junior web developer for backend development. She helps us implementing, adjusting and expanding software and digital processes.