ETF equity market savings plans and investments in funds are becoming increasingly popular. But how can you ensure that your fund strategy is in line with your ethical values?

Cleanvest is the first digital platform that makes it possible to critically examine one's own investments for sustainability characteristics.


The evaluation of funds is divided into eight criteria, which ESG Plus GmbH uses for all ratings:

  • Green technologies
  • Education & Health
  • Free of coal
  • Free of oil & gas
  • Free of nuclear energy
  • Free of weapons
  • Free from child labour
  • species protection

Cleanvest can be filtered according to these criteria. With just a few clicks, funds are displayed that correspond to your own ethical values. There is a sustainability rating from 0 (not sustainable) to 10 (sustainable). This brings more transparency to a very opaque market.

No detail remains hidden

As soon as you have registered, more information opens up: Price developments, returns, industry focus and other data are then available.


Cleanvest is launched with strong partners such as the WWF, Global 2000, the Federal Environment Agency and the Vienna Business Agency. We support ESG Plus in its aim to make the market more transparent and hopefully to divert some of its investments into sustainable funds.

Step by step, together, into a sustainable future.


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