The official blog of Austrian Airlines offers high-quality content for all travellers. No matter which part of the world. A wealth of tips and "things to do and see", prepared for the digital age.


The biggest challenge: a constantly growing number of contributions to the most diverse places in the world. This is great content, but how do you make it easy to find?

People like to discover. So why not invite them on a little voyage of discovery? The interactive map, on which all articles about a destination can be found, offers just that.

The clou? One of our core philosophies: "Details on Request". The deeper you go into the map, the more content about the region, or the country, you will discover.


The light eye candy

Nowadays websites should combine three things:

  • They should offer useful, multimedia, content.
  • Make it available in a readable format, regardless of the screen size.
  • Load quickly, so you can dive in on the go.

The third point in particular requires constant effort. We use many new techniques to quickly display the most important parts of the page.


Want to get ready for the journey while reading an article? Just one click and all flights to the dream destination can be called up.


To make a journey is sometimes a not so small undertaking. The official Austrian Airlines blog is a useful anchor point for useful travel information.

Other Projects

Online Insurance Platform / Chatbot

Ten minutes to life insurance - at this goal becomes reality. No matter if you want to insure yourself or your loved ones. For LV1871, one of the most solvent insurance companies in Germany, we developed this platform.

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