Your Role

You are a specialist in all things frontend and take care of everything that runs in the browser.

In this role, you are responsible for implementing and optimizing frontends for custom software projects: from strategic decisions in conception to development, testing and deployment.

You value web standards and like to work with proven open source technologies - because you have high quality expectations for your code and are always looking for the best solution to benefit the user. Together with our team, you develop modern interfaces with a focus on performance and usability.

What we offer

  • Fair salary. Annual salary is full-time, ranging between EUR 47,000 and EUR 65,000 gross, depending on qualifications and experience (IT-KV; without AG share; see:
  • Flexible working hours (30h to 38,5h)
  • Asynchronous communication and high independence
  • Homeoffice / Remote Work (up to 100%)
  • Austrian "Klimaticket" for public transport
  • Collaboration on international projects that reach millions of users
  • Working with a dedicated, friendly team of experts.

What you bring to the table

  • minimum 3 years of professional experience in front-end web development
  • an excellent understanding of modern HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • experience in implementing custom responsive designs, custom CSS architectures and sophisticated UI components
  • an awareness of semantics, accessibility and front-end performance
  • some experience with React and REST APIs
  • a talent for design and usability
  • knowledge of git and common software development processes
  • a high degree of independence and a willingness to learn new things

We are not looking for a full-stack developer because we value specialized front-end knowledge. However, if you have already worked with Python/Django/Postgres and Co. that would be ideal, but it's not required.

👉 By the way: If you don't meet 100% of these requirements, please apply anyway! Our strengths and weaknesses are all different. If something is missing, you can probably learn it on the job.

Your Responsibilities

The specific requirements in our projects are always a bit different. In a typical project, you would have the following tasks, among others:

  • You evaluate a custom design in Figma and identify technical difficulties at an early stage.
  • You develop UI components and page templates for server-side rendering in HTML5 and Jinja
  • You write custom CSS/Sass (e.g. in BEM or CUBE methodology) and design a modular CSS architecture according to modern standards
  • You take care of frontend functionality in vanilla Javascript (ES6)
  • For parts with high interactivity you develop components in React, take care of state management and integrate API endpoints.
  • You document issues and coordinate with team members in Gitlab
  • You work in tandem with our team to integrate the frontend with our Django backend
  • You test your work for browser compatibility, accessibility and performance
  • You support ongoing projects and respond to bug reports or new requirements

How to apply

  1. You contact us at Just send us an email with information that helps us get to know you. Your CV, your own website, projects you are proud of and that could be relevant - whatever helps us to get a good picture of you.
  2. Thomas will contact you and we will make an appointment for a casual call.
  3. We have an open conversation. We try to get a feel for each other and also talk about your salary. It has to be a good fit for both sides.
  4. In a follow-up appointment, you will get to know Max or Luis. Max is our lead frontend developer and will work with you the most.
  5. If it's a good fit for all of us, we'll make you an offer.
  6. If you accept, the onboarding begins!