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  • 01Reliable

    We understand content management, CMS systems, SaaS content management and multichannel publishing. With this skillset, we are your reliable partner for customized customer experience projects. We are known for our fast and outstanding support.

  • 02Battle Tested

    Our development team ensures that the concept is implemented with state-of-the-art technologies and aspects such as SEO, UI/UX and quality are given top priority. With our exceptionally high quality standards, we ensure safe operation and the best user experience.

  • 03Experience

    With a well-coordinated team of experts in technology, design and project management, we have been implementing outstanding websites & PWAS and developing software for digital marketing campaigns for 8 years.

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Content management is the storage, administration and preparation of data and documents. Content management lives at the interface between communication, technology, organization and design. Content is very versatile - the challenge is to manage and publish this content in a structured and efficient way. Due to this versatility, it must be decided individually for each use case which solution is suitable.

Customized Content Management Systems

We develop customized content management systems. Mostly based on open source technology. Use cases are:

  • Websites
  • Multilingual campaign websites
  • landing pages

These solutions are ideal for classically structured websites that follow a defined page tree structure and are based on page types.

Looking for a professional content management partner?

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  • Austrian Blog

    Marketing Blog / Sales Funnel

    Austrian Blog

    Looking for inspiration for your next trip? The official Austrian Airlines blog is happy to help. You can discover the next hottest destinations there.

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  • Story.one

    Online Community / Web App


    Story.one is a community for real stories. For the entrepreneurs Martin Blank, Hannes Steiner and Matthias Strolz we develop and maintain this unique platform.

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  • Support Your Sport


    Support Your Sport

    Für den Migros Genossenschaftsbund mit Sitz in Zürich haben wir eine groß angelegte Marketing-Kampagne zur Unterstützung des Schweizer Amateursports entwickelt.

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