My “6 months anniversary” at Codista is coming up and I can’t really wrap my head around the fact that it’s already been six months since I joined Codista. My name is Angela and I’m part of the Codista team since June 2019. 

I’m responsible for order, structure and quality. What I really enjoy about working there is the versatility. You learn new things every day which actually enables me to develop and sharpen my skills for my future job as a project manager along the way. I still remember my job interview I had with Thomas and how I got the chance to introduce myself. 

Das Codista Team
Das Codista Team

The Spam folder

One day I was looking for suitable jobs on I’ve been doing it for so long that it has already become a habit. I searched through the offers and I found one which said “assistance of CEO”. Immediately I clicked on it and read the information about the requirements that were needed for the job. I was convinced that this job would’ve a lot of advantages for me and that I’d be a perfect fit for this position. Long story short, I sent my application papers and was eagerly waiting for a response. “Yay, finally done!”, I thought. Many students would love to work there, so I was happy that I could send my application on the same day of publication. 

A few minutes later I got an email which said that my previously sent email was moved to the spam folder of the recipient. Well, of course that wasn’t supposed to happen and I couldn't just leave it like that. Obviously, I kind of panicked a bit but I quickly decided to start googling if there was a solution for my problem. Sadly, I couldn’t find a quick answer so I even asked my brother what I should do. He just said that calling would be the easiest way to sort this out. 

So, then I googled the website and searched for a phone number to tell them about my little problem. At first, I hesitated, because calling your potential future boss out of the blue isn’t such an easy thing to do. Eventually I got over it and called. Thomas, the CEO picked up the phone and I explained the situation. He was really nice and instantly gave me his private email address, so I could resend my application. He even took the time to tell me that  it worked this time and that later on he will tell me whether he will invite me to his office for a job interview. I was really nervous but also excited, because I’ve been looking for a job for such a long time. So, I was really determined to get this job. I’m studying project management and IT and that’s why I believed that a small software-company would be a perfect fit for me and would offer a lot of possibilities for the future. I was certain that I would learn a lot and develop new skills, as I wouldn’t only be responsible for assistance tasks, but I could also get an insight into the daily routine of a professional software engineer. 

I finally received a new mail. Now I’d find out if I had the chance to get that job. I opened the email and I read it. “I got invited!”, I screamed out loud. I was really happy that I got a positive response and such a quick answer. Mails were sent back and forth and finally, we scheduled a meeting for my job interview. 

My job interview

That day came by; I had lectures at university and as soon as the professor finished his lesson I was on my way to the office. I was wearing some fancy looking black pants and a white blouse, so that I would leave a professional first impression. It was time to go, so there I am standing in front of the courtyard all I had to do was get inside and show them how much I wanted the job. I went through the courtyard to the elevator. The office was on the top floor, so I did a last check-up in the elevator-mirror and then I felt ready. I opened the door and Thomas was already there to welcome me into their office. We went back to the meeting room and sat down. Thomas also asked if I wanted some coffee or a glass of water. Normally I’d never say “No” to coffee, but I didn’t want to burden him, so I just asked for a glass of water. 

He told me that it was a new situation for him as well, because he never had to do job interviews before, because up until that moment they didn’t really need any additional assistance. Thomas first asked me to tell him something about myself. If you know me, then you might know that when I’m nervous I talk a lot and to make it worse I do it really fast. Thomas almost couldn’t say a word; however, he was really thrilled that I talked about myself in such an authentic way. At the end of our talk he told me that he had already interviewed five other candidates, however, only one of them was suitable for the position as well. After hearing that I felt kind of sceptic of course and I didn’t know how to feel about it. However, Thomas was impressed by me and told me that I would definitely be a perfect fit for their team. I was thrilled to hear that and I went home feeling really good about the interview.

I told my family and friends that the interview was nice as soon as I arrived back at home. By the end of the week, I’d get a call from Thomas and I’d know whether I got the job. Up until that day I was really nervous, and I hoped for the best. Friday was the day, when Thomas called. I was at home when my mobile phone rang. I picked up my phone and Thomas asked if I was still sure about wanting the job. I immediately answered and said, “Yes, of course I want the job!”. One week later we signed the contract and since that day I’ve been working at Codista. I’m really glad I got this job, because not every student gets the opportunity to have a job, which fits to their studies. 

What I’ve learned

First of all, you should never give up and keep looking for the best option. Even if it takes time, you shouldn’t just settle for the first possibility which comes up. In my case, I was already searching for a job for two years, because I didn’t want to work at a supermarket or do promotion jobs. I was determined to find one, which fits my studies and where I’d gain new experiences. 

Secondly, you should always check if your application mails were really sent, because the reason why Thomas invited me for a job interview was, that I noticed my mail landing in the spam and therefore, I immediately reacted and gave them a call. 

Thirdly, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I took the chance and gladly it paid off. Now I got a job which actually enables me to learn a lot of new things for my future.

Finally, I wanted to point out that you should never take things as they are, you should keep up the work and believe in yourself. Being brave and always keeping track of your goals pays off! 

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